How Supermodels Stay Slim the Healthy Way

How Supermodels Stay Slim the Healthy Way 26 Jun

How Supermodels Stay Slim the Healthy Way

Waif-thin supermodels who seemed more malnourished than slim are now images of the past. Celebrities, supermodels who grace centerspread of fashion magazines have embraced healthy body over size zero, and look no more anorexic. Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner, Irina Shayk, Alessandra Ambrosio are all great inspirations because they are healthy and fit at the same time, and people who do not starve themselves to look thin. In fact, Paloma Elsesser, who is a plus size model is a favorite of Pat McGrath and a much sought-after supermodel. In this post, we will list out habits that help supermodels to stay slim the healthy way.

How Supermodels Stay Slim the Healthy Way

12 Habits that Supermodels Practice to Stay Slim the Healthy Way:

1. They practice portion control: Most researchers have observed that skinny people tend to portion control their food and most often eat food from a bowl rather than a plate so as to control calories during all meals. When you use small plates or bowls, you tend to take smaller amount of food and that would prevent you from eating more than you need. There’s also an amazing scientific study that states that your brain gets tricked and feels satisfied when you eat from a bowl than from a plate. You would feel full when you eat from a small bowl with the same quantity of food that you eat from a larger plate. Also, the bowl’s weight in hand will give you the feeling that you are consuming more food. So, dump that plate and pick that bowl.
2. They chew slowly: Chewing slowly is a technique that helps you in eating mindfully. When you eat slowly, you would eat the correct amount of calories that your body needs, instead of indulging in overeating.

3. They have early dinner: Most supermodels finish their dinner by 7 pm and do not touch a morsel after sun down. By the end of the day, our metabolism becomes extremely sluggish and late-night dinners and snacking would mean storage of calories as fat, most probably around your abdominal area.

4. They believe in the power of green smoothie: Kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint are some common ingredients that you can find in a supermodel’s refrigerator. Green smoothies are not only healthy, they are incredibly filling and supply a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. On Rati Beauty diet programs, we have some amazing smoothie recipes that you could try to lose weight.

5. They practice yoga:  Yoga is not only a great way to relax and meditate, it helps to tone and slim down. Supermodels and celebrities practice yoga to stay fit and healthy.

6. They don’t overeat: Supermodels eat mindfully and usually refrain from eating chips and other unhealthy junk food which may act as triggers to overeating. Most supermodels munch on nuts which have healthy fat and protein content which keeps them full for longer periods and prevent overeating.
7. They have a cheat meal once a week: Yes, to reset their metabolism, supermodels do have a cheat meal once a week. They get to eat ice cream, muffins, and even pizza, but they know, it’s a “cheat meal,” and not a “cheat day.”
8. They get their sweet tooth satisfied from fruits and natural sugars: Most of them having missing “sweet tooth” or even if they have, they indulge in healthy treats like fresh fruits, banana oats smoothie, dark chocolate, or peanut butter. Candies, sweets are not for them.
9. They consume high protein diet: Supermodels have a diet high in protein because it ncreases the levels of the satiety hormones, reduces appetite thereby also reducing the hunger hormone. In order to lose weight fast, you need to consume more protein and less of carbohydrates and fats. This way, you boost satiety hormones and keep the hunger hormones in check, which in turn means that you will be less likely to binge and eat calories.
10. They take a good amount of fiber: Fiber-rich food helps to reduce appetite to a great extent by regulating the production of hunger hormone “ghrelin.” Fiber content also reduces one’s appetite by slowing the movement of food through the gut. Since fiber has low glycemic index, it also does not spike up insulin and thus reduces the chance of extra calories getting stored up as fat in the body.
11. They love black coffee: Caffeine in the black coffee increase metabolic rate and help your body burn more calories. It also acts as an appetite suppressant which means you would feel less hunger pangs through the day. It is also a thermogenic compound which helps calories that you ingest to get burned out as heat and therefore less amount of calories are left behind to be stored as fat. To put these into points, caffeine does all these for weight loss:
12. By the third bite, they push the dessert plate away: Yes, in fact, it’s a common habit of people who are slim. They tend to show restraint around sugary delights and usually savour every bite they take instead of gulping the food. So, by the third bite, they are usually satisfied and want to eat no more, so push the dessert plate away.

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Vinyl copy of Weezer's Black Album in which Chloe Sens did the make-up 23 Jun

Realizing Synesthesia

Chloe Sens gets artsy with Weezer’s Black Album cover.

Vinyl copy of Weezer's Black Album in which Chloe Sens did the make-up
Weezer’s Black Album cover

There is a term called “synesthesia,” meaning the union of the senses. Grapheme-color synesthesia is the perception of numbers, letters and emotion as a specific color—especially vowels. Hearing colors is common for musicians, which is why all of Weezer’s albums have been titled either with a color in the name, predominantly on the cover or with the theory of color synesthesia behind the title—meaning. To help the alternative-rock band fully realize this synesthesia for their newest album cover was make-up artist Chloe Sens, who relied on her experience to create a stunning, visually impactful cover.

Weezer’s last album was the White Album. Their newest album, the Black Album, is a much different album and thus a contrasting color made sense. Sens informs, “Weezer has always done really colorful full albums. Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Rivers Cuomo is extremely intellectual, and I believe his mind works on a much more philosophical way than most.”

The concept for this cover was simple: cover the musicians in black goo. However, the process was not so simple. 

Weezer's Teal Album
Weezer’s Teal Album cover

Experience: Leading Up to the Project

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Sens was always involved in the alternative music scene, so this particular job really resonated with her. “Weezer was a part of my youth,” says Sens, “so when I got the call that not only was it for Weezer but it was for their album cover, I immediately said yes.

“I was always going to shows and loved the energy of live music and it became a big part of my life. That feeling has followed me in my career where some of the most exciting projects to me are ones surrounding music.”

Several years ago, Sens started working with commercial and music video director/editor Caleb Mallery. And over the years, the pair completed many projects together, including one for Memphis May Fire, which called for black goo to drip down faces and hands. A few years after that, Mallery started working closely with the production company Tension Division (TNSN DVSN), who was focusing on projects within the music industry.

Brandon Rike and Joel Cook, from TNSN DVSN, first wrote the treatment for the Black Album’s cover, and when they did so Mallery’s name popped into their heads, because, hey, he had done a video with black goo in it once … he might know where that make-up artist is.

And he did.

The glasses on the table prior to make-up application for Weezer's Black Album cover shoot
The glasses for the shoot

Making the Goo

Having done something similar in the past, Sens had a rough idea of how to approach the project “but not only was this on a much larger scale in regard to the volume,” she admits, “there were things that I wanted to change from the first time.”

The first time she had used a mixture of Hershey’s syrup and a cosmetic “tar.” “Not only was it very sticky and there was some light stinging in the eyes,” she explains, “and I felt the color was not the true deep black that was needed for this shoot.”

TNSN DVSN emphasized that they wanted the “goo” to be very black and glossy but also wouldn’t stain the skin, saturate the clothes and would be easy enough to wash off.  

They were very clear in their vision and in the conversations, explains Sens, so it was easy for her to visualize what the final look would be. “They truly put all of their trust in me, so it gave me the freedom to think outside the box.

“A few years ago I did a music video for Atlas Genius,” Sens explains, “where I had to make white goo that could be showered off on camera just by the water pressure. I used methylcellulose (food thickener) and nontoxic tempera paint. This worked really well so I knew the first step would be to try this. The second challenge was to get the correct consistency of Methocel powder-to-water to create something that would flow but also stick to the skin evenly.

Rivers Cuomo covered in black goo for Weezer's Black Album cover in which Chloe Sens did the make-up
Weezer’s lead singer and guitarist Rivers Cuomo covered in black goo

“I started coloring it with food coloring liquids and gels, but the issue was that it stained the skin really bad. So I went back to the nontoxic tempera paint idea and it worked. The second issue was figuring out the math to make 30 gallons (5-gallon buckets) that were all the exact same consistency. I started on the thin side in each bucket and added the same amount of powder to each as I went, using a Jiffy Mixer to make sure it was thoroughly mixed. The issue with Methocel is that as the water cools, it becomes thicker. So, I had to really keep an eye on it. The whole process took about 12 hours.”

Initial tests proved to be extremely helpful. Sens would send the videos to Rike and Cool for approval. She recalls this being helpful, as she was able to see it through the camera, and how it stuck to the skin as well as being able to see the level of gloss. “I found that the more pigment that was added, the more that it began to look dull and grainy,” she explains. “When I sent the final video of what I thought was going to be the perfect mix, they agreed and were really excited about it, so I knew it was fully realized for all of us and I could move forward with making the 30 gallons. My thought process was one bucket per artist, one for the photo test and one as a backup. We ended up having some left over.”

Chloe Sens' assistant Jo Holland for make-up application on the band Weezer for their Black Album cover
Chloe Sens’ assistant Jo Holland

New Challenges

Getting the 30 gallons to the shoot itself proved to be a challenge.

“If a job runs completely smooth with no hurdles or challenges of any kind I always feel like there’s something not quite right,” Sens says. “And boy did we have some excitement!”

Because Methocel is created from plant cells, it is also perishable, and refrigeration slows down the process. With this information, Sens decided the best thing to do would be to make it the day before the shoot, so it was fresh.

“After I had spent 12 hours and a chunk of change making 30 gallons (remember 6, 5-gallon buckets),” Sens explains, “I got a call from Joel, and he told me that one of the guys in the band had come down with the flu, and we were going to have to push the shoot four days. He asked if it could be saved and I explained the only way would be to find a walk-in fridge. Problem one to solve. I called all my friends that work in bars begging them to hold this stuff for a few days. Problem two was that it was Halloween weekend and everyone’s fridges were full of kegs.

“Finally, I found a friend with a bar downtown that agreed. I loaded up all of the (very heavy) buckets and snuck them in the back door of the bar and promised to get them the night before the shoot so they weren’t ice cold on the day. Problem three was the next day when I got a call from her, and she told me the health inspector was there for her annual random check in. And boy she was not happy! And she wanted the bar to dump them. I begged my friend not to dump them and explained that they were nontoxic and food grade. The inspector agreed and just told them that they should have been labeled. All was well again, and I picked them up the next day. I’ll never forget this project for so many reasons! It’s always an adventure in this industry and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Buckets of goo for Chloe Sen's make-up on Weezer's Black Album

Buckets of goo for Chloe Sen's make-up on Weezer's Black Album
The buckets of goo

Date of the Shoot: Applying the Goo

Once on set, Sens hit her stride. The shot list and creative was always very clear, she says, which made things run smooth. TNSN DVSN wanted three stages: Head and shoulders, then to waist and the final being fully covered.

“I knew that we would have to have several people pouring at once and once we started we had to just keep going until they were covered,” Sen explains. “We started from the tops of their heads and then would step out every minute or so, so that Brendan Walter the photographer could get the shots. I brought on a great artist and friend, Jo Holland, to help me orchestrate all of this.” 

The project was a success. The goo was applied, the shots were captured, and Sens now has one of her most treasured and memorable experience as a make-up artist.

“The whole shoot only took about 20 minutes and then we had towels and showers waiting for them”, says Sens. “I remember when we were pouring the goo there were moments when I would just stand back and go “I seriously cannot believe that we are doing this to them, this is the best day ever!”

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Classic White Nails 20 Jun

15 Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

Ombre French nails is a trend nowadays, thank you in part to the advancement of nail technology. Gorgeously clean looks are not anymore impossible to create because of the advent of acrylic nails.

Nail technicians have also been so inspired by all these innovations that we see a lot of different Pinterest worthy creations.

If you haven’t yet marveled at the awe-inspiring works of art, let me show you what I mean.

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Ombre French Nails Inspiration

1. Fresh French

Classic White Nails | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

Let’s start with a twist on the classic. This clean, ombre take on the classic French tips is beautiful in its simplicity and elegance.

2. Sky Blue Ombre French Nails

Sky Blue Nails | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

This sky blue, ombre monochrome nail design is a beautiful example of a futurist aesthetic. The artist created an obvious edginess with the monochromatic polish on the tips.

3. Baby Pink

Baby Pink Polish | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

For the dainty and demure is how I would describe this very simple but also very chic ombre French nail design. The addition of a single glitter nail on the ring finger adds variety and pop to the look.

4. Yellow Ombre


The ombre base on this one is a good choice of colors. Very much like the colors of the sunset by the beach.

5. Marbled Tips

There’s something about marble that is mesmerizing, maybe it’s because of the design created by nature. This marble design by Tarrah Distad is equal parts mesmerizing and amazing.

6. Studded Beauty


This superb artwork created by Nails by Fania is total bling. Set with a very simple backdrop of peach and white ombre nails, topped with beautiful gemstone designs.

7. Princess Dainty

Full-on beadwork over ombre French nails isn’t a bad idea at all. Tastefully done in such a youthful vibe, this creation by Nails by Lina would fit a modern princess.

8. French Gems

Nude ombre nails are a perfect background to studded, glittery nails much like this work by the artist Fania. The perfection of the ombre effect on this work is highly commendable as well.

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9. Crayon Tips

This ingenious and quite tedious take on the ombre French nails deserves a spot on this list. Notice the ombre effect happening only on the tips.

10.Ombre Sparkle


Sparkles created by tiny holographic glitters are eye-catching especially when placed on top of white French tips. This can also be created with bigger glitter sizes if you want to make it a bit on the chunkier side.

11. Bejeweled

Definitely a favorite on this list. The beautiful jewel-toned gems used for this creation by the artist Melinda Toth is wonderfully highlighted against a pale ombre background is a winner.

12. Bridal Chic

Immediately, the flower design on this nail art reminds me of bridal chic. Truly this ombre French nail artwork is fit for a woman walking down the aisle.

13. Matte Luxe


The lovely sky and the beautiful sights and sounds of Paris are what this nail art reminds me of. The artist has created a masterful piece of art using white and bluish-gray nail polish. Of course, the nail design created here is needless to say, very pretty.

14. Rose Gold Glitter

The overlay of rose gold glitter on this otherwise clean ombre French nail tips is a good way to glam up the look. Placing it in different sections of the nail creates an intriguing but cohesive look.

15. Sunset Ombre French Nails


This clean and warm French nail design is a fresh take on the ombre nails trend. Keeping it interesting with a mix of warm colors on the fingers using the same color palette completes this look.

Feeling inspired yet? Recreate the French ombre nail with this tutorial by Yana Irbe:

Nail art has definitely gone up a notch in terms of technology and design. There are so many good artists nowadays and so many inspirations.

Creating this list of ombre French nails has been a relaxing activity just by looking at these beautiful artworks from the many different talented nail technicians around the world.

What’s your favorite nail design from this list? Share them with us in the comments section below. 


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How Low Energy Density Food can Help with Weight Loss 17 Jun

How Low Energy Density Food can Help with Weight Loss

By now, we all know that for weight loss to happen, one needs to be in calorie deficit effectively. A calorie deficit occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than those burnt while exercising, resting, or performing basic bodily functions. We put on weight when there’s a calorie surplus which means we consume more calories than we actually burn, resulting in those calories getting stored up as fat. There are a lot of ways to create a calorie deficit (read about 18 Awesome Ways to create a Calorie Deficit). If someone is looking to lose weight, he/she must cut down calories by about 500. This number is safe to lose weight without compromising on health and without affecting the body negatively. For women, the number of calories must not drop below 1200 calories per day, and for men, it should not fall below 1500 calories per day. Since weight loss is all about calories, we should be looking at ways to lower calorie intake without really compromising on nutrition and health. That’s where, low energy density food can actually help for effective weight loss without cutting out essential nutrients from the diet. The concept of losing weight through low energy density food is great for people who hate to starve themselves by going on fad diets which mostly are based on depriving the body of certain food groups. Rati Beauty diet programs does not believe in putting the body in starvation mode for weight loss, instead, a lot of our diet programs are based on energy density so that you can lose weight without compromising on nutrition.

How Low Energy Density Food can Help with Weight Loss

What is Energy Density?
By definition, energy density of any food is calculated as the amount of energy, that is, number of calories in a specific weight of food. So, foods that are energy dense have a lot of calories in them per serving. Energy density is calculated by the proportion protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and water in food. High-fiber and water-rich food have extremely low energy density. For example, high-fat foods have higher energy density. High energy density means that there are a lot of calories in a little amount of food and low energy density obviously has fewer calories in a lot of food.

How Low-Energy Density Foods Help with Weight Loss?
With high-energy density foods such as nuts, avocado, cheese, a person would need large amount of food to feel full, and you would be consuming a whole lot of calories, which is not good news for losing weight. On the contrary, foods with low energy density, make you feel full with just a few calories. When your food is high in fiber, protein, and water, they make you full, without packing in extra calories.

Benefits of Low-Energy Density Food:

  • Rich in nutrients.
  • Add only a few calories per serving.
  • Does not deprive the body of food.
  • You feel satisfied while you take in fewer calories.

List of 30 Low Energy Density Food can Help with Weight Loss:

1. Grapefruit
2. Carrot
3. Spinach
4. Green beans
5. Zucchini
6. Broccoli
7. Cauliflower
8. Blueberries
9. Orange
10. Oatmeal
11. Brown rice
12. Fish
13. Lentils
14. Egg white
15. Mushroom
16. Lettuce
17. Lemon
18. Cabbage
19. Capsicum
20. Celery
21. Cucumber
22. Tomatoes
23. Turnip
24. Kale
25. Radish
26. Strawberries
27. Watermelon
28. Apple
29. Kiwi
30. Pineapple

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Fosse/Verdon Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse 14 Jun

Jazzed About the Make-up

Debbie Zoller and team take on the dream project Fosse/Verdon.

Fosse/Verdon Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse
Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse

It was a make-up Debbie Zoller seemed destined to do. Though at first, she didn’t even know what it was. One of the award-winning artist’s most challenging assignments began last August with a cryptic phone call.

“‘Hey, Zoller, it’s Bill Corso and Dennis Liddiard, and we want to know what you are doing for the rest of the year,’” Zoller remembers Corso saying. “I was available and asked what the project was. He said, ‘I can’t tell you.’ I then asked where it was, and he said, ‘I can’t tell you that either.’ So, after we had a good laugh, he said, ‘I know you are perfect for this job and I’m calling the producer now. You should hear back from them within the hour.’ And I did.”

When Zoller learned the assignment was to department head Fosse/Verdon, the eight-part FX limited series that unwraps the decades-long relationship between director/choreographer Bob Fosse and Broadway star Gwen Verdon, she didn’t hesitate to say, Yes. “I thought, ‘Oh My God, this is what I’ve been waiting for,’” says the artist, who has won Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards for A Star is Born and Gilmore Girls, and has received nine Emmy nominations for work that includes Mad Men, Castle and Twin Peaks.

The first step was figuring out how to transform Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams into the title characters.

Fosse/Verdon Evan Handler as Hal Prince (on left) with the real Hal Prince
Evan Handler as Hal Prince (on left) with the real Hal Princec

“I was familiar with Bob Fosse, of course, but not with Gwen Verdon,” says Zoller. “To do a period piece justice, you have to do extensive research. First, designing multiple decades of aging for Sam and Michelle. Then to research all of the real people portrayed in the show, like Paddy Chayefsky, Neil Simon, Hal Prince, Liza Minnelli and Chita Rivera, to name a few.”

Nicole Fosse, the couple’s daughter, was a co-executive producer on the series. This gave Zoller access to a wealth of personal photos through the Verdon Fosse Legacy archives.

Fosse/Verdon Nick Sullivan transformation into Alan Heim
Nick Sullivan transformation into Alan Heim (real Alan Heim bottom left)

“We covered the trailer with photos of Bob and Gwen,” remembers Zoller. “We had reference photos everywhere. When we were putting Sam and Michelle into their make-ups and hair, we could get a particular curl just right, or the eye liner or the lipstick … his beard, because Fosse’s beard changed colors as he aged. We were constantly looking at these photos. We never left that world.”

Zoller says Rockwell went full Fosse, never breaking character. Anytime she entered his trailer, a tape of Fosse would be playing. The actor spent hours listening to interviews to pick up Fosse’s tone and cadence. Because he was so focused on becoming Fosse from within, Rockwell trusted Zoller and hair designer and department head Christopher Fulton to deliver the look.

On set of Fosse/Verdon
On-set touch up

An essential part of the transformation was Fosse’s thinning hair. Fulton brought in wigmaker Stacey Butterworth to create the wispy pieces that covered Rockwell’s head. Initially, Zoller had planned to fit the actor with a bald pate so the various pieces could be applied over his hair. But when Rockwell saw how much time that added to the process, he chose to shave his head instead.

Butterworth also fashioned Verdon’s familiar close-cropped red curls for Williams’ wig and the pieces for Hal Prince, Ben Vereen and Roy Scheider. In total, Williams wore four wigs and a ponytail attachment. Each wig was shaded a little to show the age differences.

Sam Rockwell gets transformed by Debbie Zoller and David Presto
Rockwell gets transformed by Debbie Zoller and David Presto

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse
Williams as Verdon and Rockwell as Fosse

Unlike Rockwell, the actress was much more interested in finding Verdon through the look. It was Williams’ idea to wear a dental piece to give her mouth a shape similar to Verdon’s. Zoller tapped Vincent Van Dyke to create it.

“I get that and understood her needs,” continues Zoller. “So, I assigned Jackie Risotto as Michelle’s personal make-up artist. We worked out a way that gave Michelle control, yet I still had the ability to keep Sam’s and Michelle’s looks cohesive.”

Sam Rockwell with director Thomas Kail
Rockwell with director Thomas Kail

Debbi Zoller touches up Sam Rockwell on set
Zoller touches up Rockwell on set

Key David Presto assisted Zoller with Rockwell’s application. “We double-teamed Sam’s make-up to get him out of the chair as quickly as possible,” she adds.

Fosse/Verdon spanned four decades over the course of its eight episodes. Scenes from the 1950s showed Verdon’s rise to stardom on the Broadway stage with Can-Can and Damn Yankees, where she and Fosse first collaborated. The filming of Sweet Charity and Cabaret in the 1960s proved to be pivotal in their relationship. The 1970s spotlighted Pippin and Chicago. The story culminated with All That Jazz and Fosse’s death in 1987.

Crisscrossed lifts used to achieve younger look on Sam Rockwell
Crisscrossed lifts used to achieve younger look on Rockwell

“There was one picture we have of them from 1968, but it could have easily been the late ’70s,” says Zoller of Verdon and Fosse. “They were kind of ageless in a weird way. I think being performers, they were constantly evolving their looks for whatever project they were working on. They were very ahead of their time.”

Keeping the make-up age appropriate was priority one. Not only did it have to look right for each specific era, the couple had to be in sync. To up the degree of difficulty, each episode jumped around the various times in their careers. “There were days we were shooting multiple decades in different locations and everyone had to be changed over quickly,” adds Zoller.

Debbi Zoller and team selfie
Zoller and team selfie

For the ’50s and ’60s, Zoller used lifts to make the actors look younger. Williams had used Secret Lift Pro during the filming of Venom and wanted to stick with that brand. She wore four, crisscrossing her skull under her wig. Zoller opted for the Mark Traynor Temporary Face Lift for Rockwell. He wore two. But because of Rockwell’s decision to shave his head, Zoller hit a bump—both literally and figuratively—during the application.

“They caused an indentation in his head,” says Zoller. “I did it in a crisscross pattern and it left an indentation because I really had to pull it to get the effect. We ended up putting on a moleskin first, then putting the lifts on top of that.” 

Dancers on set of Fosse and Verdon
Strike a pose – ready for Cabaret

Zoller also dabbed a little Plexaderm under each eyelid to give the characters a fresher, younger look.

For the older Verdon, Zoller began with Bluebird FX Old Age. Texture was added through splatter tones to Williams’ face, hands and neck. Age lines were painted on to complete the transformation. Williams wore prosthetic nasal labials, eye bags and chin waddles, also created by Van Dyke. Art Sakamoto made her a second dental piece to make her teeth look older.

Rockwell’s Fosse was given a prosthetic heart surgery scar, (which also had to age) and nicotine fingers to highlight his constant smoking. Zoller airbrushed six different colors of splattering for tonal variation. “Once we hit the ’80s, we used stretch-and-stipple around the eyes, neck and hands to match Bob’s character lines,” she adds. “Along with this, we did prosthetic upper-eye bags, under-eye bags, nasal labials to fill out his cheeks and dental plumpers.”

Kelli Barrett as Liza Minelli
Kelli Barrett as Liza Minelli

Re-creating Fosse’s beard turned out to be tricky. The plan was to have Rockwell grow out his own beard and augment it to give it that Fosse feeling.

“I got the shape down to match Bob’s, but when Bob is younger, he doesn’t have a beard,” explains Zoller. “So, we scheduled the shoot in such a way to have the scenes with the beard shot together, then shave him and do the younger scenes. Well, that only worked for the first two episodes. After that, we had to lay a fake beard on top of his own beard as he was growing it back.”

For Rockwell, Zoller created two sets of facial hair—beards and mustaches. The first was for the 1970s Fosse and the other for the circa 1987 scenes. She also made two sets of sideburns. Rockwell wore one set in the 1950s scenes when Fosse had more hair. The second set fit better with the late ’60s, early ’70s, when Fosse’s hair was much thinner.

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse
Williams as Verdon and Rockwell as Fosse

Rockwell as Fosse
Rockwell as Fosse

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse with dancers
Williams and Rockwell with dancers on set

Zoller had Butterworth make the facial hair for all the other characters who also wore hairpieces she had made. “I wanted that cohesiveness,” Zoller says. “It all had to have the same texture.”

But with so many of male characters needing facial hair, Zoller also bought and altered beards, mustaches and sideburns from Nigel Beauty Emporium, Frends Beauty and Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.    

“We would have fittings with each actor, dancer and background artist to determine the specific look and length based on the scene and the year,” says Zoller. “It was a tremendous undertaking, especially when we would do a fitting and then, at the last minute, the actor had to shave for another part, or even worse … got a role that he’s not allowed to shave for. So, we would hand-lay a lot.”


But re-creating the many famous faces of the era was only half the challenge. Zoller also needed to design make-ups for six dance numbers from some of the most iconic musicals from the 20th century.

“That took weeks of research,” says Zoller. “The art department had downloaded all the musicals onto what we call the Fossebox—it was like Dropbox but specifically made for Fosse. We would all watch and then take screenshots of the original dancers and the original looks.”

Zoller went the extra mile to make each number as authentic as possible. Learning that Cabaret was shot in Germany and Kryolan make-up was used, she made sure to use the same brand when it came time to shoot the “Mein Herr” and “Two Ladies” musical numbers for Fosse/Verdon.   

Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse
Rockwell as Fosse

“In order to make this show easier on my crew and day-player make-up artists, I provided them with a welcome letter, along with specific notes and research photos based on what year and scenes we were shooting that day,” remembers Zoller. “It helped take a lot of the guesswork out of very busy mornings.”

Zoller also went to a trick she had devised while working on Mad Men. “I made lip wheels that contained specific lipstick colors for that decade,” she says. “I wanted to make sure that the colors would be properly represented, so that you could see that we changed decades. Each lip wheel had four colors from which to choose. You could mix them. You could do anything that you wanted as long as you stuck to those four colors.”

Zoller has high praise for Fulton and the hair crew. This was the first time she had worked with Fulton, whose résumé includes Blindspot, Orange is the New Black and Nurse Jackie. She credits their rapport with making things run so smoothly. “He was such a team player,” she says.

Make-up for All That Jazz musical number
Make-up for All That Jazz musical number

Zoller adds the designs got into such a rhythm that running the looks before each episodic director became somewhat of a formality. “They allowed us to take control of the characters, knowing that the research that we were doing was spot-on,” she says. “We would do a lineup to make sure everyone looked the part before they walked on set. It was a really great collaboration among everybody—the costume designers (Joseph La Corte, Melissa Toth), the hair department and the make-up department.”

This article orignally ran in Issue 138 of Make-Up Artist magazine.

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Sephora Collection Jelly Melt Glossy Lip Tint 11 Jun

12 Lip Tint Products To Achieve That Fresh Subtle Look

Lip tints are almost always a staple in every girl’s kit. They are easy to use and easy to wear. I can even apply them on myself without looking at a mirror!

I think that we are pretty lucky to have different formulas of lip stains these days. However, there might be too many to choose from that it’s almost hard enough to decide.

Well, if you are having that dilemma, this list is created just for you.

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The Best Lip Tints Around

1. Benefit Benetint $18

This foolproof formula from Benefit Cosmetics is one of the easiest formulas to wear. A true stain for your lips and cheeks. The light wash of berry wine tint on the lips and cheeks makes for the most natural-looking blush.

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel $4


The formula is a stand out considering the price. It glides on cool and refreshing when you first put it on. It gives your lips that natural, just-bitten look with a hint of sheer color. The formula is buildable and it does not clump up.

3. Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint $9.99

Revlon’s Kiss Cushion is one formula that I am sure a lot of women like. It is lightweight, it feels like a nourishing balm on the lips and it dries to a natural finish. The buildable formula is also a plus.

4. PeriPera Ink Airy Velvet $6.50 (discounted)

This Korean beauty brand has dominated much of Asia and is now fortunately available in the US through specialty shops like

The formula of their line of lip stain is revolutionary in the sense that they’ve formulated different finishes that are subtly different from one another. You basically have different finish options to choose from with just lip tints alone.

5. Lano The Essential Lip Tint Trio $32


This is a tinted lip balm that gives your lips a hint of color. It is moisturizing and easy to use in squeeze tube packaging.

6. Too Cool for School Milk Tint $12

This Japanese brand has created a long-wearing lip tint that is both creamy and hydrating. Formulated with squalene and nonfat dry milk, the Too Cool for School Milk Tint might just be the best lip tint you can get your hands on.

7. 3CE Velvet Lip Tint $16

Another brand coming from Asia that is thankfully available in the US through Style Korean is this Velvet Lip Tint by 3CE. This velvet lip tint comes in different shades, all highly pigmented and soft on the lips. It dries on matte with a soft mousse texture, perfect for that smudged “my lips but better” effect.

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8. Sephora Collection Jelly Melt Glossy Lip Tint $10

Sephora Collection Jelly Melt Glossy Lip Tint | Lip Tint Products To Achieve That Fresh Subtle Look | longest lasting lip stains
Sephora Collection Jelly Melt Glossy Lip Tint Photo by Sephora

This collection of liquid lip stain from Sephora has a bit of shine and a bit of color. It sets into a matte lip stain long after the gloss has worn away giving your pout a beautiful wash of color that looks effortless and natural.

9. NARS Oil-infused Lip Tint $26


Nars has also come up with different colored lip tints in their exclusive, limited-edition line. This lip tint is more high shine. It does not set but it is perfect for those who like gloss on their lips with a hint of color.

10. Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint $5.90

Etude House has been serving us with gel tints for years now and this Dear Darling Water Gel is a favorite of a lot of women in Asia. Infused with pomegranate and berry extracts to nourish your lips.

It dries to a matte, skin-like finish and the variety of berry shades from their collection won’t disappoint.

11. Buxom Serial Kisser Plumping Lip Stain $22

Buxom’s lip plumping formula is a winner through and through with this serum-like lip stain. Out of all the lip tints on this list, theirs is the only one that has hyaluronic acid that helps plump the lips. The formula delivers a wash of color with a shine that lasts the whole day.

12. Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm $20

The next item on this list is a balm type formula delivered in a sleek package by Tower 28 Beauty. I love this formula because it feels buttery and the color swatches are just the right amount of berry.

It looks good on a lot of skin tones and does not dry out your skin. It really looks like a healthy flush of color as a lip tint and as a blusher.

So, there you have it. We hope this list helps you out in your never-ending dilemma of choosing the best lip tint for you. My personal favorite out of all the lip tints here is the BeachPlease Tinted Lip from Tower 28 Beauty because it really gives you that fresh, subtle glow that we all want.

What about you? What’s your favorite lip tint from this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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Reasons Why you Are Hungry All the Time 8 Jun

16 Reasons Why you Are Hungry All the Time

The common obstacle that most people who are trying to lose weight often encounter is the constant feeling of hunger and the need to snack every few hours. You just feel hungry within minutes of having a full meal, and that’s unacceptable right, particularly when you are trying to lose weight. Even with intense workout, you might be unable to shed any weight because you are snacking most of the times and eating out of the fridge because of the way your tummy feels famished. You might feel gluttonous and the inner gannet in you would find it difficult to control these bouts of hunger, but blame it on the hunger hormone called “ghrelin” that your body releases. But there are more reasons why you are feeling hungry all through the day. In this post, we list out 15 reasons why you are hungry all the time.

Reasons Why you Are Hungry All the Time

Ghrelin – the Hunger Hormone:

Ghrelin is also called the hunger hormone because it triggers appetite and when someone says, they have a “huge appetite,” they have high levels of ghrelin. This hormone is secreted by the stomach, brain, and pancreas. When you have high ghrelin levels, you feel constantly hungry, unable to feel full even after having a large meal. There are many factors that cause unusual rise in this “hunger hormone,” so let’s find out what triggers its production.

Functions of Ghrelin Hormone:

  • It triggers appetite.
  • It counter-affects leptin (fullness hormone).
  • Aids in fat storage.
  • Controls the release of insulin.

What Triggers the Release of Ghrelin (hunger hormone):

1. When you are in a fasting state – Usually, when you take lesser calories than the body burns leads to production of this hormone. Therefore, women should consume at least 1200 calories per day and men should take 1500 calories per day.
2. Refined sugar, particularly food stuff with fructose can trigger the production of ghrelin.
3. Sleep deprivation or disturbed sleep pattern creates an imbalance in the production and release of major hormones in the body, including ghrelin.

16 Reasons Why you Are Hungry All the Time:

1. You snacked on high-carb breakfast?

A breakfast rich in refined carbs can trigger the production of ghrelin. In fact, certain studies have found out that a carbohydrate-free diet causes a daylong decrease in ghrelin. So, start your day with a protein-rich breakfast.

2. You ate sugary delights at breakfast: If you started your day with a packaged cereal high in sodium and sugar content, that can too shoot up ghrelin and leave you feeling hungry through the day.

3. Your daily diet is low in protein: In order to lose weight fast, you need to consume more protein and less of carbohydrates and fats. This way, you boost satiety hormones and keep the hunger hormones in check, which in turn means that you will be less likely to binge and eat calories. It is believed that what you eat is what you are. If you notice women who are in good shape, we bet they are on a healthy diet with high protein value in it. So, let’s have a look at how protein helps with weight loss.

4. Your daily diet is low in fiber: Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet because it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, clears constipation, regulate blood sugar levels, and also to control appetite. Fiber helps to reduce appetite, reduces belly fat, and thus helps with weight loss. Here’s a list of 32 Fiber-Rich Food that you can include in your diet.

5. You are just thirsty, not really hungry: Just as we have mentioned many times previously, most of the times we are just thirsty and not really hungry, so keep yourself hydrated through the day. Also, drink one glass of water at least 15 minutes before each meal so that the water will fill your stomach and you would take in only the necessary amount of food.

6. You are emotionally dependent on food/you indulge in stress eating: Stress increases cortisol levels and thus starts the process of stress eating because when you eat high-fat and refined food, your brain rewards you by releasing “feel-good chemicals” such as endorphins and dopamine. Such feel-good chemicals make us happy and elevate our mood. Such food items also cause sharp insulin spikes which give us instant energy but insulin is also a fat-storing hormone and would increase creation of new fat cells. Emotional eating is a situation where one eats to feel good and pleasant, to cope up with trauma, to relieve stress, rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that emotional eaters choose are usually high-fat, high sugar, calorie-rich food full of transfat and other toxic ingredients, extremely unhealthy for the human body.

7. You sleep for less than 7 hours ever night: When you have disturbed sleep at night or have slept less for 7 hours, you would have noticed that you woke up extremely hungry and are craving for high-fat and sugary foods. That’s because less sleep triggers the production of hunger hormone “ghrelin” which in fact raises the appetite. Get your 7 hours of sleep and you will wake up fresh without the appetite of a giant.

8. There’s hardly any healthy fat in your diet: Food such as avocado and coconut which are rich in monosaturated fat content help to suppress appetite and that’s why you need a good dose of them.

9. You do not indulge in mindful eating: Chewing slowly is a part of mindful eating because it recommends enjoying each bite of food and being aware of the quality and quantity of food that you are consuming. Avoid transfat, high sugar, high calorie food and include lots of vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

10. There are a lot of natural diuretics in your daily diet: Coffee, green tea – nothing wrong with them; however, when you go over three cups, they cause dehydration, and we all know how dehydration can make you hungry.

11. There is an underlying medical condition: Medical conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorders can prevent you from feeling full and there’s a constant need to chew on something.

12. Diet Soda is Making you Hungry: Those who sip on diet soda thinking it’s healthy and low in calories are not aware yet that they can gain considerable amount of weight just by drinking it and that’s because the artificial sugar content can signal our brain to expect calories to be used as energy and when there are no actual calories, the body produces the hunger hormone “ghrelin” along with increasing your cravings for sugary things. So, dump that can of diet soda.

13. Crash Dieting: As we have mentioned earlier, when you take lesser calories, the levels of ghrelin hormone go up. Women should ideally consume at least 1200 calories per day and men should take 1500 calories per day. In fact, a severe shortage of calories can actually leave you feeling hungry all the tie.

14. You are simply bored: Yes, you can turn to a packet of chips just because you are bored and not really hungry. One should actually clearly distinguish the difference between hunger signals and boredom. Eating out of sheer boredom will lead to unavoidable weight gain and hamper your weight loss goals.

15. You are Leptin Resistant: Leptin is a hormone that signals the brain when the stomach is full. When there is an impairment in the production of leptin, the feeling of satiety after having a meal gets affected, and as a result, one is constantly hungry.

16. You have replaced sugar with artificial sweetener: Artificial sweeteners can affect the brain directly and stimulate the production of hunger hormone, go completely sugar free, or replace refined sugar with these 8 Best Healthy Replacements.

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Academy Invites 24 Make-up Artists/Hairstylists 5 Jun

Academy Invites 24 Make-up Artists/Hairstylists

In total, 842 artists and executives have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; 24 of these are make-up artists/hairstylists. The 2019 class is incredibly diverse: 50 percent are women, 29 percent are people of color and 59 countries are represented.

Those who accept the invitations will be the only additions to the academy’s membership in 2019. New members will be welcomed into the academy at invitation-only receptions in the fall.

The 2019 invitees for make-up/hairstylists are:

Make-up Artists and Hairstylists
Robin Beauchesne – The Lone Ranger, The Way Back
Tym Shutchai Buacharern – Black Panther, Captain Marvel
Joseph A. Campayno – Limitless, Unfaithful
Rosalina Da Silva – X-Men: Apocalypse, Watchmen
Sterfon Demings – Roman J. Israel, Esq., Milk
Manolo García – Suspiria, The Sea Inside
Pamela Goldammer – Border, The Hallow
Sylvie Imbert – The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Blancanieves
Jamie Kelman – Vice, Looper
Nicki Ledermann – The Greatest Showman, Inside Llewyn Davis
Ana López-Puigcerver – Julieta, The Others
Göran Lundström – Border, The Iron Lady
Sharon Martin – Half of a Yellow Sun, Snow White and the Huntsman
Jane O’Kane – Adrift, Ghost in the Shell
Kyra Panchenko – Trainwreck, A Most Violent Year
Marc Pilcher – Mary Queen of Scots, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Christina Roesler-Kerwin – Bumblebee, End of Watch
Sarah Rubano – The Amazing Spider-Man 2, District 9
Lucy Sibbick Darkest Hour, Tulip Fever
Ivo Strangmüller – Never Look Away, A Royal Affair
Mitsuyo Takasaki – Silence, Kakekomi
Jay Wejebe – Venom, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Josh Weston – Stan & Ollie, Suspiria
Gigi Williams – Inherent Vice, Gone Girl

Click here to view the entire list of invitees.

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Woman With Colorful Eye Makeup 2 Jun

10 Best Colored Mascara That Are Easy To Pull Off

Colored mascara is one innovation of the cosmetics industry that I am highly intrigued about.

I went ahead and looked into this madness. Now, I have finally gotten myself excited over these little babies that I had to create a list for everyone. Read all the way through because I’m giving you a good hack on how to wear colored mascaras. You can thank me later.

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Colored Mascara Is the Next Best Thing

1. Yellow Colored Mascara

First on the list is this highly innovative colored mascara collection from Urban Decay called Double Team Special Effect Dime/Goldmine Colored Mascara. This is one that I am really excited about.

I love that this formula is for lash and brows and it comes in a dual-ended tube that features a creamy, highly pigmented mascara and a metallic variety for that multidimensional effect should you prefer that.

This yellow mascara from the Urban Decay Double Team collection is a standout both in color and performance.

2. Deep Purple Mascara


I love that the team over at By Terry has not forgotten to keep a functional product fun. The proof is this Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara in shade Purple Success.

Not only does it deliver a highly pigmented formula it also claims to be flake resistant, clump resistant, and smudge resistant! It also contains a lash stimulating formula that promotes growth and strengthens the lashes.

Everything we need for a mascara to be except that this one is a lot more fun because it comes in a deep purple mascara color. Perfect for someone just dipping in their toes on this colored mascara trend.

3. Turquoise Colored Mascara

Woman With Colorful Eye Makeup | Best Colored Mascara That Are Easy To Pull Off

I love the colors and the packaging of this collection. The Sephora Volume ON mascara is a no fuzz mascara that delivers all the colored pigments you’ll ever need for your lashes.

The turquoise shade is my favorite from this collection because out of all the colored mascara I checked out this is the only one with a bright turquoise shade. And of course, being the color geek that I am, I need turquoise on my lashes.

4. Emerald Green Mascara

Emerald Green is one of my favorite colors which is why this product is on my list. Aside from the intense green color that this product delivers, the formula is creamy and buildable.

This is important especially for those who like to create a specific expression because you can increase color saturation with every layer of this mascara.

The mascara wand that comes with this Shiseido Controlled Chaos MascaraInk – Emerald Energy also bends in the middle so you can create long and thick lashes for that sexy but edgy look.

5. Deep Burgundy Mascara

The L’oreal Voluminous mascara has always been a favorite of a lot of women. The formula is great and it creates big lashes which we all love.

The Deep Burgundy shade particularly is a favorite of mine ever since they came out with the colored variety because it’s a beautiful deep red wine that is perfect for that not-so-heavy glam look. It’s such a sexy color on the eyes no matter your eye color is.

If you’re not so keen on the waterproof formulas, this washable variety is a really good alternative just because of how good the formula is and the value for money.

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6. Light Purple Mascara


Urban Decay is probably one of the most loved makeup brands in the world right now and I don’t know how they keep coming with so much more to give us. Another color from their Double Team Special Effect Mascara is this light purple shade called Vice.

We already know what the Double Team range offers us but this medium purple in both cream and metallic finish is such a beautiful, almost pastel kind of purple that delivers a good swatch of the product with one swipe.

7. Bright Pink Mascara


“I’m The Madness” is such an apt shade name for the madness that is this color from the YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara. First of all, the color payoff from this product is really good, and that is saying something especially when talking about colored mascaras.

If there is any madness to this trend it is this color, right of the tube it is a bright pink mascara color but on the lash, it tends to be a bit pale. It really depends on the natural color of your hair, colored mascara on darker strands will always look a bit duller, but read on to find out how to remedy this.

I love that the formula has a shiny finish which creates a more vibrant look especially when paired with monochromatic eyeshadows.

8. Electric Blue Mascara

From Colourpop Cosmetics comes the BFF Mascara in different but equally beautiful shades. Blue Ya Mind is a top pick from their collection because of the electric blue mascara pigment which is hard to come by even for colored mascaras.

This comes in a simple formula that promises not to get flaky even as it lengthens and volumizes the lashes.

Colourpop has an entire line dedicated to colored mascaras!

@viketwins##Colorful ##mascara##beauty ##color ##colorful ##fyp ##viral ##fun ##aesthetic ##colorful ##makeup ##foryourpage ##yellow ##purple ##blue ##red♬ Get You The Moon (feat Snow) – Kina

9. Vibrant Purple Mascara


NYX is one of our go-to brands for wearable color options and their Worth The Hype mascara is truly what the name suggests. The Purple shade from this line is a beautiful vibrant purple mascara that looks absolutely stunning on the lashes.

I love that the formula is light enough to help keep stubborn, droopy lashes up even after a few hours.

10. True White Mascara

A favorite and a must-have is the True White shade from the BFF Mascara collection by Colourpop. White might be a very intense color for some of us not used to wearing colored mascara, but trust me on this, you need a white mascara if you ever decide to get in on this trend.

It’s hard to come by a white mascara that is as good as the formula that Colourpop offers. First of all, you can create inspired looks with a white mascara but most importantly, my hack uses a white mascara.

Colored Mascara Hack

  • If you’re worried about wearing a colored mascara because the color payoff just doesn’t show up on your lashes, applying a white mascara first would make the color pop!
  • You can also use a regular black mascara to get the colors to stick to your lashes but this will tone down the color of brights.
  • Adding a similar color eyeliner or even eyeshadow will accentuate the colors on your eyelashes and helps you maximize the look you are trying to go for. So the next time when you ever decide to give colored mascara a try, make sure to try it on accompanied by an eyeshadow of the same color applied closely on the lash line and you can see how this accentuates the colors on your lashes and helps you appreciate it more.

Want another mascara hack? If you’re really itching to try the look but still not convinced to splurge, why don’t you DIY a colored mascara? Check out Jes’s hack below:

@closeupjes✨How I make my colored mascara✨ (pause to read) ##makeup ##promdiy ##tutorial ##closeup ##foryou ##diy♬ Tadow – Masego & FKJ

I hope this hack helps you out and gives you the confidence to try on colored mascaras. Because once you unlock this game, it is the next level.

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite colored mascara? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Share it in the comments below!


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31 May

Effective Skin Care Habits

The largest organ in the body are not your intestines, it’s your skin! The skin faces so much every day that it deserves more than just normal skin care. What it need are effective skin care habits.

For regular people, skin care is similar to taking a bath every day or washing the face before sleep. But there is so much more than just washing. Skin care can start from the little habits we have to the little details of the food we eat.

Right Way of Washing

The first effective skin care habit that we all know is washing. There’s a reason why that is the most common answer when asked about skin care. There’s a right way to washing the face and the body.

Washing takes place twice a day, not just before sleep. This includes using a facial cleanser to scoop out the dirt in your pores. Make-up remover is recommended for those who wear makeup. If you are in a skin whitening regimen, follow this up with toner and moisturizer. The neck is often overlooked when washing the face. Don’t forget it next time.

Washing the face is different with the body. Using lukewarm water is better and relaxing than hot water. The natural skin moisture and oils are washed off with hot water. People with dry skin will have worse conditions with it.

Post-washing Habits

Some people are in a rush when it comes to drying themselves off after washing. They tend to scrub the towels onto their face and body. The right way to dry the skin is by gentle pats. Drying all the water completely will prevent the skin to absorb excess moisture. Leaving the skin with a little moisture let it rehydrate after a lukewarm bath.

Facial cream, moisturizer, and lotions are applied after drying. This will make the absorption of the ingredients better and make the product more effective.

For products that are used for daytime, choose the ones with SPF. The skin benefits from sun protection all the year round. The sun is getting harsher every season. Packing up with SPF is a good preventive measure.

Every once a while, do some exfoliation. Remove the dead skin cells that settle on top of the skin. This will make way for the new skin cells to come out. Exfoliating can come in the form of creams, scrubs, or loofah.

The face can be exfoliated as well but in a gentler manner. Exfoliating can scrape off oils and moisture so keep a moisturizer to use after.

Right Eating and Drinking Habits

Eating and drinking is a vital part of our lives. Without care on what we eat, we only let toxins and harmful ingredients enter our body. These come out in our skin, one way or another.

When the body lacks the right amount of water intake, the skin will dry up. It will also become more dull and lifeless. The water does more than just cleansing the body from the inside.

Not all delicious foods are healthy. Depending on your skin needs, you may need to take more of certain fruits and vegetables.

If you face stress, dirt, or pollution on a regular basis, pack up with foods that are high in antioxidants. This includes apricots, blueberries and its sister berries, oranges, kale, spinach and more. Avocados grow in select seasons so get some to help in hydrating the skin. Tomatoes, pumpkin, and carrots are also great for the skin.

Fats always sound bad for some reasons. But some of them are actually good for the body. There are good kinds that make the skin look more youthful. Olive oil is one good example that is also versatile in the kitchen. There are also healthy fats found in nuts, fatty fish, and eggs.